Switch.com is a small/medium Internet Service Provider
that is actually OWNED by Territorians.

Switch.com has been operating since 1998 and was created due to a lack of quality service and support in the Northern Territory. We first started in Tennant Creek as the Internet access available in Tennant Creek at the time was terrible. We began by using satellite links to bring data into remote areas, bypassing congested terrestrial links. Soon we achieved around 90% of the Tennant Creek online population as customers, this still remains the case now even with outside competition from a number of providers.

In November 2000 we set up a point of presence in Alice Springs. The growth in Alice overwhelmed our network in less than 12 months and required a complete redesign to accommodate the growth. Thanks to competition in the carrier market place we were able to obtain lines and links from competitors to Telstra that has seen network reliability far exceed what we could achieve before. We now have the ability to manage the number of lines we utilize much more effectively and are able to get new lines activated in less than half the time it used to take. This helps to stay ahead of the utilization of lines so that you won't get busy signals.

In January 2002 we greatly increased our coverage area to cover most of the southern half of the Territory at a local call rate, this was again greatly extended in March 2002 to cover almost the whole Northern Territory at a local call rate.

June 2002 saw Switch expand coverage to the whole of Australia. Now no matter where you are you can stay with Switch

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